Team Representatives

Remember that we can keep registration fees lower when volunteers run our league! We always need your help to keep everything running smoothly.

Team Representative Coordinator for 2020 is Wendy.  Please contact for any questions.

Team pennants & banners

Please support our sponsor Sign-It San Diego for all your team pennants, banners & stickers!  Click on the image below for the order form.

Snack Bar Rule

All teams and parents are required to help in the snack bar. A schedule will be determined by the Snack Bar coordinator at the beginning of the season. All teams must attend their scheduled time. If a team is unable to send the required number of parents to their scheduled time then arrangements must be made with the Snack Bar coordinator 48 hours prior to their scheduled time. Teens working in the snack bar must be at least 14 years old.  Any T‐Ball or Super 6’er team that fails to make their scheduled time or make arrangements with the Snack Bar coordinator will not be awarded team trophies at the end of the year. Any Rookie, Mini‐Minor, Minor, or Major team failing to show up will not be allowed to participate in the Playoffs at the end of the season.

Please don’t ditch your Snack Bar Duty!

Nobody likes to feel stranded at the snack bar after their own shift because the next shift/team didn’t show up, it’s just not fair!” — Anonymous Parent…

Here is the Snack Bar Schedule

Team Baskets Raffle

For the opening day ceremony on Saturday February 15th, ALL teams are encouraged to participate in this fun, team bonding activity. We are asking teams to put together a basket and bring to opening day. Tickets will be sold only at opening day by a Board Member.

Winners will be contacted during the week and notified by phone. Be sure to have your Basket labeled with your Team Name. The great news is, there will be prizes for ONLY the teams that participate.

1 FREE Team snack day from the snack bar: (1 Team winner per Division)

The TOP two bestselling Team Baskets will receive:
1) One Team pizza party (for the players)
2) One EXCUSED Team Snack Bar Volunteer day, YES that’s right, 1 of your Team Volunteer snack bar days will be COVERED.

1 ticket for $1.00
6 tickets for $5.00
13 tickets for $10.00

For any more info contact Team Mom Coordinator Wendy.  She can be reached at

Picture Day Schedules

Re-Scheduled for March 7, 2020 (Saturday)
Click on the link below for the 2020 Picture Day Schedule:
at Discovery Park
at CVC Park