Bonita Valley Master Schedule 2020

Blue Row = Current Day
Yellow Row = Rescheduled Games
Green Row = Games Cancelled (No makeup game)
Red Row = Pitch Count Violations/Game Forfeit
Gray Row = Scores Not Recorded
Field Location Linked to Game Video or GameChanger

Super SixersSatFeb 1510:15 AM Field 4Flying TigersFearless
Mini-MinorsSatFeb 1511:00 AM CVC EastCrushers0Fury18
Mini-MinorsSatFeb 1511:00 AM CVC WestVenom3Team Xtreme8
Big LeagueSatFeb 1511:00 AM Field 1Gamerz2Riptide10
Mini-MinorsSatFeb 1511:00 AM Field 2Legends11Dirt Divas5
RookiesSatFeb 1511:00 AM Field 3Lady BombersCuties
T-BallSatFeb 1511:15 AM Field 4Yellow JacketsLil Warriors
T-BallSatFeb 1512:15 PM Field 4Purple PandasPink Unicorns
Big LeagueSatFeb 151:00 PM CVC EastFearless1Queen Bees13
Mini-MinorsSatFeb 151:00 PM CVC WestRebels5Bruins13
Big LeagueSatFeb 151:00 PM Field 1Wicked5Stormbreakers7
Big LeagueSatFeb 151:00 PM Field 2Legends0Storm9
RookiesSatFeb 151:00 PM Field 3Diamond GirlsPanthers
T-BallSatFeb 151:15 PM Field 4Dirt DivasLady Bombers
Super SixersSatFeb 152:15 PM Field 4RebelsBattitude
Mini-MinorsSatFeb 153:00 PM CVC EastSavage1Storm13
RookiesSatFeb 153:00 PM CVC WestBomb SquadBase Invaders
Big LeagueSatFeb 153:00 PM Field 1Intensity9SoCal Pride5
Big LeagueSatFeb 153:00 PM Field 2Home Girls1Snipers8
RookiesSatFeb 153:00 PM Field 3We Got The RunsChaos
Super SixersSatFeb 153:15 PM Field 4VenomBlue Wave
Mini-MinorsSatFeb 155:00 PM CVC EastTidal Wave1Bomb Squad9
RookiesSatFeb 155:00 PM CVC WestPink DiamondsTurf Queens
Big LeagueSatFeb 155:00 PM Field 1Magic16Flash0
Mini-MinorsSatFeb 155:00 PM Field 2Hit Squad7Saved By The Balls15
RookiesSatFeb 155:00 PM Field 3Sandlot QueensStingers
Big LeagueTueFeb 185:00 PM Field 1Home Girls15Legends14
Big LeagueTueFeb 185:00 PM Field 2SoCal Pride1Intensity6
Mini-MinorsTueFeb 185:00 PM Field 3Venom3Bruins8
Big LeagueTueFeb 187:00 PM Field 1Snipers1Flash8
Mini-MinorsTueFeb 187:00 PM Field 2Legends8Hit Squad7
Mini-MinorsTueFeb 187:00 PM Field 3Crushers5Storm9
Big LeagueWedFeb 195:00 PM Field 1Queen Bees1Gamerz6
Mini-MinorsWedFeb 195:00 PM Field 2Fury11Rebels5
RookiesWedFeb 195:00 PM Field 3Diamond GirlsTurf Queens
Big LeagueWedFeb 197:00 PM Field 1Magic9Stormbreakers10
Big LeagueWedFeb 197:00 PM Field 2Storm0Riptide7
RookiesWedFeb 197:00 PM Field 3Base InvadersStingers
Mini-MinorsThuFeb 205:00 PM Field 1Dirt Divas8Savage6
Mini-MinorsThuFeb 205:00 PM Field 2Saved By The Balls9Bomb Squad8
RookiesThuFeb 205:00 PM Field 3Bomb SquadSandlot Queens
Big LeagueThuFeb 207:00 PM Field 1Wicked13Fearless1
Mini-MinorsThuFeb 207:00 PM Field 2Tidal Wave6Team Xtreme4
RookiesThuFeb 207:00 PM Field 3PanthersChaos
Super SixersSatFeb 229:00 AM Field 4VenomBattitude
Big LeagueTueFeb 255:00 PM Field 1Legends8Wicked3
Big LeagueTueFeb 255:00 PM Field 2Fearless5Intensity9
RookiesTueFeb 255:00 PM Field 3Turf QueensWe Got The Runs
Big LeagueTueFeb 257:00 PM Field 1Riptide9Home Girls1
Mini-MinorsTueFeb 257:00 PM Field 2Legends5Rebels10
Mini-MinorsTueFeb 257:00 PM Field 3Saved By The Balls10Savage2
Mini-MinorsWedFeb 265:00 PM Field 1Tidal Wave6Venom8
Mini-MinorsWedFeb 265:00 PM Field 2Crushers7Hit Squad16
RookiesWedFeb 265:00 PM Field 3StingersLady Bombers
Big LeagueWedFeb 267:00 PM Field 1Storm9Queen Bees2
Big LeagueWedFeb 267:00 PM Field 2Stormbreakers11Flash6
Mini-MinorsWedFeb 267:00 PM Field 3Team Xtreme8Storm7
Big LeagueThuFeb 275:00 PM Field 1SoCal Pride1Magic2
Mini-MinorsThuFeb 275:00 PM Field 2Fury6Bruins5
RookiesThuFeb 275:00 PM Field 3Pink DiamondsChaos
Big LeagueThuFeb 277:00 PM Field 1Gamerz5Snipers3
Mini-MinorsThuFeb 277:00 PM Field 2Dirt Divas6Bomb Squad3
RookiesThuFeb 277:00 PM Field 3Sandlot QueensBomb Squad
Mini-MinorsSatFeb 299:00 AM CVC EastRebels7Tidal Wave3
RookiesSatFeb 299:00 AM CVC WestBase InvadersWe Got The Runs
Big LeagueSatFeb 299:00 AM Field 1Storm9Flash2
Big LeagueSatFeb 299:00 AM Field 2Riptide8Intensity9
Mini-MinorsSatFeb 299:00 AM Field 3Savage3Legends10
T-BallSatFeb 299:00 AM Field 4Lady BombersYellow Jackets
T-BallSatFeb 2910:15 AM Field 4Dirt DivasPurple Pandas
Big LeagueSatFeb 2911:00 AM CVC EastSoCal Pride3Queen Bees8
Mini-MinorsSatFeb 2911:00 AM CVC WestBomb Squad6Hit Squad2
Big LeagueSatFeb 2911:00 AM Field 1Fearless7Legends14
RookiesSatFeb 2911:00 AM Field 2CutiesDiamond Girls
RookiesSatFeb 2911:00 AM Field 3ChaosLady Bombers
Super SixersSatFeb 2911:30 AM Field 4VenomRebels
T-BallSatFeb 2912:45 PM Field 4Pink UnicornsLil Warriors
Mini-MinorsSatFeb 291:00 PM CVC EastStorm1Bruins16
RookiesSatFeb 291:00 PM CVC WestTurf QueensStingers
Big LeagueSatFeb 291:00 PM Field 1Gamerz8Wicked4
Big LeagueSatFeb 291:00 PM Field 2Magic12Home Girls2
Mini-MinorsSatFeb 291:00 PM Field 3Crushers6Saved By The Balls14
Super SixersSatFeb 292:00 PM Field 4Flying TigersBlue Wave
Mini-MinorsSatFeb 293:00 PM CVC EastDirt Divas8Team Xtreme1
RookiesSatFeb 293:00 PM CVC WestPanthersBomb Squad
Big LeagueSatFeb 293:00 PM Field 1Snipers4Stormbreakers3
Mini-MinorsSatFeb 293:00 PM Field 2Fury10Venom0
RookiesSatFeb 293:00 PM Field 3Pink DiamondsSandlot Queens
Super SixersSatFeb 293:15 PM Field 4BattitudeFearless
Mini-MinorsTueMar 35:00 PM Field 1Legends17Crushers5
Mini-MinorsTueMar 35:00 PM Field 2Tidal Wave0Fury10
RookiesTueMar 35:00 PM Field 3Turf QueensBase Invaders
Big LeagueTueMar 37:00 PM Field 1Riptide12Legends0
Big LeagueTueMar 37:00 PM Field 2Intensity2Magic2
Mini-MinorsTueMar 37:00 PM Field 3Storm6Venom7
Big LeagueWedMar 45:00 PM Field 1SoCal Pride9Flash10
Mini-MinorsWedMar 45:00 PM Field 2Bomb Squad3Saved By The Balls8
RookiesWedMar 45:00 PM Field 3Diamond GirlsStingers
Big LeagueWedMar 47:00 PM Field 1Stormbreakers3Gamerz7
Big LeagueWedMar 47:00 PM Field 2Queen Bees3Home Girls4
Mini-MinorsWedMar 47:00 PM Field 3Dirt Divas4Bruins6
Mini-MinorsThuMar 55:00 PM Field 1Team Xtreme7Hit Squad4
Mini-MinorsThuMar 55:00 PM Field 2Rebels5Savage5
RookiesThuMar 55:00 PM Field 3CutiesPink Diamonds
Big LeagueThuMar 57:00 PM Field 1Storm0Snipers8
Big LeagueThuMar 57:00 PM Field 2Fearless0Wicked7
RookiesThuMar 57:00 PM Field 3PanthersLady Bombers
Big LeagueSatMar 79:00 AM CVC EastLegends4Magic9
RookiesSatMar 79:00 AM CVC WestStingersChaos
Big LeagueSatMar 79:00 AM Field 1Queen Bees2Intensity9
Mini-MinorsSatMar 79:00 AM Field 2Savage12Crushers9
Mini-MinorsSatMar 79:00 AM Field 3Hit Squad4Bruins9
Super SixersSatMar 79:00 AM Field 4RebelsBlue Wave
T-BallSatMar 710:15 AM Field 4Lady BombersLil Warriors
Mini-MinorsSatMar 711:00 AM CVC EastBomb Squad3Legends9
RookiesSatMar 711:00 AM CVC WestPanthersTurf Queens
Big LeagueSatMar 711:00 AM Field 1Riptide12Fearless3
Big LeagueSatMar 711:00 AM Field 2Storm2Gamerz6
RookiesSatMar 711:00 AM Field 3Sandlot QueensCuties
T-BallSatMar 711:30 AM Field 4Dirt DivasPink Unicorns
T-BallSatMar 712:45 PM Field 4Purple PandasYellow Jackets
Mini-MinorsSatMar 71:00 PM CVC EastStorm7Tidal Wave15
RookiesSatMar 71:00 PM CVC WestWe Got The RunsBomb Squad
Big LeagueSatMar 71:00 PM Field 1Flash8Home Girls4
Mini-MinorsSatMar 71:00 PM Field 2Dirt Divas11Venom6
RookiesSatMar 71:00 PM Field 3Lady BombersDiamond Girls
Super SixersSatMar 72:00 PM Field 4BattitudeFlying Tigers
Mini-MinorsSatMar 73:00 PM CVC EastTeam Xtreme7Saved By The Balls8
RookiesSatMar 73:00 PM CVC WestBase InvadersPink Diamonds
Big LeagueSatMar 73:00 PM Field 1Stormbreakers13Wicked12
Big LeagueSatMar 73:00 PM Field 2Snipers13SoCal Pride7
Mini-MinorsSatMar 73:00 PM Field 3Rebels3Fury6
Super SixersSatMar 73:15 PM Field 4VenomFearless
Big LeagueTueMar 175:00 PM Field 1WickedMagic
Mini-MinorsTueMar 175:00 PM Field 2Team XtremeCrushers
RookiesTueMar 175:00 PM Field 3Turf QueensPink Diamonds
Big LeagueTueMar 177:00 PM Field 1Queen BeesRiptide
Big LeagueTueMar 177:00 PM Field 2IntensityGamerz
RookiesTueMar 177:00 PM Field 3Lady BombersSandlot Queens
Big LeagueWedMar 185:00 PM Field 1FlashFearless
Mini-MinorsWedMar 185:00 PM Field 2Dirt DivasStorm
Mini-MinorsWedMar 185:00 PM Field 3FuryHit Squad
Big LeagueWedMar 187:00 PM Field 1StormbreakersHome Girls
Mini-MinorsWedMar 187:00 PM Field 2BruinsSavage
Mini-MinorsWedMar 187:00 PM Field 3RebelsBomb Squad
Big LeagueThuMar 195:00 PM Field 1SoCal PrideStorm
Mini-MinorsThuMar 195:00 PM Field 2LegendsVenom
RookiesThuMar 195:00 PM Field 3PanthersCuties
Big LeagueThuMar 197:00 PM Field 1SnipersLegends
Mini-MinorsThuMar 197:00 PM Field 2Tidal WaveSaved By The Balls
RookiesThuMar 197:00 PM Field 3ChaosDiamond Girls
Mini-MinorsSatMar 219:00 AM CVC EastTidal WaveLegends
RookiesSatMar 219:00 AM CVC WestChaosBomb Squad
Big LeagueSatMar 219:00 AM Field 1IntensityStormbreakers
Mini-MinorsSatMar 219:00 AM Field 2CrushersBruins
Mini-MinorsSatMar 219:00 AM Field 3RebelsDirt Divas
T-BallSatMar 219:00 AM Field 4Lil WarriorsYellow Jackets
Super SixersSatMar 2110:15 AM Field 4BattitudeRebels
Big LeagueSatMar 2111:00 AM CVC EastGamerzLegends
RookiesSatMar 2111:00 AM CVC WestStingersPanthers
Big LeagueSatMar 2111:00 AM Field 1Home GirlsStorm
Big LeagueSatMar 2111:00 AM Field 2Queen BeesMagic
Mini-MinorsSatMar 2111:00 AM Field 3Bomb SquadTeam Xtreme
Super SixersSatMar 2111:30 AM Field 4FearlessFlying Tigers
T-BallSatMar 2112:45 PM Field 4Lady BombersDirt Divas
Big LeagueSatMar 211:00 PM CVC EastFlashRiptide
RookiesSatMar 211:00 PM CVC WestWe Got The RunsCuties
Big LeagueSatMar 211:00 PM Field 1WickedSoCal Pride
Mini-MinorsSatMar 211:00 PM Field 2SavageVenom
RookiesSatMar 211:00 PM Field 3Sandlot QueensTurf Queens
T-BallSatMar 212:00 PM Field 4Pink UnicornsPurple Pandas
Mini-MinorsSatMar 213:00 PM CVC EastSaved By The BallsFury
RookiesSatMar 213:00 PM CVC WestDiamond GirlsPink Diamonds
Big LeagueSatMar 213:00 PM Field 1FearlessSnipers
Mini-MinorsSatMar 213:00 PM Field 2Hit SquadStorm
RookiesSatMar 213:00 PM Field 3Base InvadersLady Bombers
Super SixersSatMar 213:15 PM Field 4Blue WaveVenom
Big LeagueTueMar 245:00 PM Field 1Home GirlsSoCal Pride
Mini-MinorsTueMar 245:00 PM Field 2RebelsTeam Xtreme
RookiesTueMar 245:00 PM Field 3ChaosPanthers
Big LeagueTueMar 247:00 PM Field 1IntensityStorm
Big LeagueTueMar 247:00 PM Field 2Queen BeesWicked
Mini-MinorsTueMar 247:00 PM Field 3BruinsBomb Squad
RookiesWedMar 255:00 PM Field 3Bomb SquadStingers
Mini-MinorsWedMar 255:00 PM Field 1VenomCrushers
Mini-MinorsWedMar 255:00 PM Field 2FuryLegends
Big LeagueWedMar 257:00 PM Field 1StormbreakersLegends
Big LeagueWedMar 257:00 PM Field 2FlashMagic
Mini-MinorsWedMar 257:00 PM Field 3SavageTidal Wave
Big LeagueThuMar 265:00 PM Field 1FearlessGamerz
Mini-MinorsThuMar 265:00 PM Field 2Hit SquadDirt Divas
RookiesThuMar 265:00 PM Field 3We Got The RunsBase Invaders
Big LeagueThuMar 267:00 PM Field 1SnipersRiptide
Mini-MinorsThuMar 267:00 PM Field 2StormSaved By The Balls
RookiesThuMar 267:00 PM Field 3Pink DiamondsLady Bombers
Mini-MinorsSatMar 289:00 AM CVC EastLegendsStorm
RookiesSatMar 289:00 AM CVC WestCutiesBase Invaders
Big LeagueSatMar 289:00 AM Field 1RiptideStorm
Mini-MinorsSatMar 289:00 AM Field 2VenomBomb Squad
Mini-MinorsSatMar 289:00 AM Field 3Tidal WaveCrushers
T-BallSatMar 289:00 AM Field 4Yellow JacketsLady Bombers
Super SixersSatMar 2810:15 AM Field 4FearlessBattitude
Big LeagueSatMar 2811:00 AM CVC EastLegendsSoCal Pride
RookiesSatMar 2811:00 AM CVC WestPink DiamondsStingers
Big LeagueSatMar 2811:00 AM Field 1Home GirlsWicked
Big LeagueSatMar 2811:00 AM Field 2FlashQueen Bees
RookiesSatMar 2811:00 AM Field 3Bomb SquadLady Bombers
Super SixersSatMar 2811:30 AM Field 4RebelsVenom
T-BallSatMar 2812:45 PM Field 4Purple PandasDirt Divas
Big LeagueSatMar 281:00 PM CVC EastGamerzIntensity
RookiesSatMar 281:00 PM CVC WestChaosTurf Queens
Big LeagueSatMar 281:00 PM Field 1StormbreakersFearless
Mini-MinorsSatMar 281:00 PM Field 2Hit SquadRebels
RookiesSatMar 281:00 PM Field 3Diamond GirlsWe Got The Runs
T-BallSatMar 282:00 PM Field 4Lil WarriorsPink Unicorns
Mini-MinorsSatMar 283:00 PM CVC EastFurySavage
Mini-MinorsSatMar 283:00 PM CVC WestBruinsTeam Xtreme
Big LeagueSatMar 283:00 PM Field 1MagicSnipers
Mini-MinorsSatMar 283:00 PM Field 2Saved By The BallsDirt Divas
RookiesSatMar 283:00 PM Field 3PanthersSandlot Queens
Super SixersSatMar 283:15 PM Field 4Blue WaveFlying Tigers
Big LeagueTueApr 75:00 PM Field 1IntensityHome Girls
Mini-MinorsTueApr 75:00 PM Field 2FuryCrushers
RookiesTueApr 75:00 PM Field 3We Got The RunsTurf Queens
Big LeagueTueApr 77:00 PM Field 1WickedFlash
Mini-MinorsTueApr 77:00 PM Field 2Saved By The BallsHit Squad
RookiesTueApr 77:00 PM Field 3StingersSandlot Queens
Big LeagueWedApr 85:00 PM Field 1StormFearless
Mini-MinorsWedApr 85:00 PM Field 2Dirt DivasLegends
Mini-MinorsWedApr 85:00 PM Field 3Team XtremeVenom
Big LeagueWedApr 87:00 PM Field 1LegendsStormbreakers
Big LeagueWedApr 87:00 PM Field 2RiptideSoCal Pride
Mini-MinorsWedApr 87:00 PM Field 3BruinsRebels
Big LeagueThuApr 95:00 PM Field 1GamerzMagic
Mini-MinorsThuApr 95:00 PM Field 2StormSavage
RookiesThuApr 95:00 PM Field 3CutiesChaos
Big LeagueThuApr 97:00 PM Field 1Queen BeesSnipers
Mini-MinorsThuApr 97:00 PM Field 2Bomb SquadTidal Wave
RookiesThuApr 97:00 PM Field 3Base InvadersDiamond Girls
Mini-MinorsSatApr 119:00 AM CVC EastHit SquadLegends
RookiesSatApr 119:00 AM CVC WestChaosBase Invaders
Big LeagueSatApr 119:00 AM Field 1IntensityWicked
Big LeagueSatApr 119:00 AM Field 2GamerzSoCal Pride
RookiesSatApr 119:00 AM Field 3Pink DiamondsBomb Squad
T-BallSatApr 119:00 AM Field 4Pink UnicornsDirt Divas
Super SixersSatApr 1110:15 AM Field 4FearlessVenom
Big LeagueSatApr 1111:00 AM CVC EastLegendsQueen Bees
RookiesSatApr 1111:00 AM CVC WestCutiesSandlot Queens
Big LeagueSatApr 1111:00 AM Field 1RiptideStormbreakers
Big LeagueSatApr 1111:00 AM Field 2MagicStorm
RookiesSatApr 1111:00 AM Field 3Lady BombersTurf Queens
Super SixersSatApr 1111:30 AM Field 4Flying TigersBattitude
T-BallSatApr 1112:45 PM Field 4Yellow JacketsPurple Pandas
Mini-MinorsSatApr 111:00 PM CVC EastStormCrushers
Mini-MinorsSatApr 111:00 PM CVC WestSavageDirt Divas
Big LeagueSatApr 111:00 PM Field 1Home GirlsFearless
Mini-MinorsSatApr 111:00 PM Field 2Saved By The BallsTidal Wave
RookiesSatApr 111:00 PM Field 3StingersDiamond Girls
T-BallSatApr 112:00 PM Field 4Lil WarriorsLady Bombers
Mini-MinorsSatApr 113:00 PM CVC EastBruinsVenom
Mini-MinorsSatApr 113:00 PM CVC WestFuryBomb Squad
Big LeagueSatApr 113:00 PM Field 1FlashSnipers
Mini-MinorsSatApr 113:00 PM Field 2Team XtremeRebels
RookiesSatApr 113:00 PM Field 3PanthersWe Got The Runs
Super SixersSatApr 113:15 PM Field 4Blue WaveRebels
Big LeagueTueApr 145:00 PM Field 1IntensityQueen Bees
Mini-MinorsTueApr 145:00 PM Field 2VenomLegends
RookiesTueApr 145:00 PM Field 3CutiesPanthers
Big LeagueTueApr 147:00 PM Field 1GamerzStorm
Big LeagueTueApr 147:00 PM Field 2WickedLegends
Mini-MinorsTueApr 147:00 PM Field 3Bomb SquadFury
Mini-MinorsWedApr 155:00 PM Field 1Tidal WaveBruins
Mini-MinorsWedApr 155:00 PM Field 2Hit SquadSavage
RookiesWedApr 155:00 PM Field 3Diamond GirlsBase Invaders
Big LeagueWedApr 157:00 PM Field 1FearlessRiptide
Big LeagueWedApr 157:00 PM Field 2StormbreakersMagic
Mini-MinorsWedApr 157:00 PM Field 3StormTeam Xtreme
Big LeagueThuApr 165:00 PM Field 1Home GirlsFlash
Mini-MinorsThuApr 165:00 PM Field 2Saved By The BallsRebels
RookiesThuApr 165:00 PM Field 3ChaosPink Diamonds
Big LeagueThuApr 167:00 PM Field 1SoCal PrideSnipers
Mini-MinorsThuApr 167:00 PM Field 2CrushersDirt Divas
RookiesThuApr 167:00 PM Field 3Bomb SquadWe Got The Runs
Mini-MinorsSatApr 189:00 AM CVC EastHit SquadCrushers
RookiesSatApr 189:00 AM CVC WestTurf QueensBomb Squad
Big LeagueSatApr 189:00 AM Field 1RiptideGamerz
Big LeagueSatApr 189:00 AM Field 2LegendsHome Girls
RookiesSatApr 189:00 AM Field 3Lady BombersPanthers
Super SixersSatApr 189:00 AM Field 4VenomFlying Tigers
T-BallSatApr 1810:15 AM Field 4Dirt DivasYellow Jackets
Mini-MinorsSatApr 1811:00 AM CVC EastBruinsFury
Mini-MinorsSatApr 1811:00 AM CVC WestTeam XtremeTidal Wave
Big LeagueSatApr 1811:00 AM Field 1FlashStormbreakers
Mini-MinorsSatApr 1811:00 AM Field 2RebelsLegends
RookiesSatApr 1811:00 AM Field 3StingersCuties
T-BallSatApr 1811:30 AM Field 4Pink UnicornsLady Bombers
Super SixersSatApr 1812:45 PM Field 4RebelsFearless
Mini-MinorsSatApr 181:00 PM CVC EastVenomStorm
Mini-MinorsSatApr 181:00 PM CVC WestBomb SquadDirt Divas
Big LeagueSatApr 181:00 PM Field 1WickedIntensity
Big LeagueSatApr 181:00 PM Field 2MagicQueen Bees
RookiesSatApr 181:00 PM Field 3Sandlot QueensWe Got The Runs
T-BallSatApr 182:00 PM Field 4Purple PandasLil Warriors
Big LeagueSatApr 183:00 PM Field 1SnipersStorm
Big LeagueSatApr 183:00 PM Field 2FearlessSoCal Pride
Mini-MinorsSatApr 183:00 PM Field 3SavageSaved By The Balls
Super SixersSatApr 183:15 PM Field 4Blue WaveBattitude
Big LeagueSunApr 199:00 AM CVC EastFlashLegends
Mini-MinorsSunApr 199:00 AM CVC WestRebelsStorm
Big LeagueSunApr 199:00 AM Field 1StormbreakersSoCal Pride
Mini-MinorsSunApr 199:00 AM Field 2Dirt DivasFury
RookiesSunApr 199:00 AM Field 3StingersBase Invaders
Super SixersSunApr 199:00 AM Field 4FearlessRebels
Super SixersSunApr 1910:15 AM Field 4Flying TigersVenom
Mini-MinorsSunApr 1911:00 AM CVC EastBruinsLegends
Mini-MinorsSunApr 1911:00 AM CVC WestHit SquadTidal Wave
Big LeagueSunApr 1911:00 AM Field 1MagicRiptide
Big LeagueSunApr 1911:00 AM Field 2Queen BeesFearless
RookiesSunApr 1911:00 AM Field 3Lady BombersWe Got The Runs
T-BallSunApr 1911:30 AM Field 4Lil WarriorsPurple Pandas
Super SixersSunApr 1912:45 PM Field 4BattitudeBlue Wave
Mini-MinorsSunApr 191:00 PM CVC EastCrushersBomb Squad
RookiesSunApr 191:00 PM CVC WestPink DiamondsPanthers
Big LeagueSunApr 191:00 PM Field 1WickedStorm
Big LeagueSunApr 191:00 PM Field 2Home GirlsGamerz
RookiesSunApr 191:00 PM Field 3Diamond GirlsBomb Squad
T-BallSunApr 192:00 PM Field 4Yellow JacketsDirt Divas
Mini-MinorsSunApr 193:00 PM CVC EastTeam XtremeSavage
RookiesSunApr 193:00 PM CVC WestTurf QueensCuties
Big LeagueSunApr 193:00 PM Field 1IntensitySnipers
Mini-MinorsSunApr 193:00 PM Field 2VenomSaved By The Balls
RookiesSunApr 193:00 PM Field 3Sandlot QueensChaos
T-BallSunApr 193:15 PM Field 4Lady BombersPink Unicorns
T-BallTueApr 215:00 PM Field 4Lil WarriorsDirt Divas
Big LeagueTueApr 215:00 PM Field 1FlashIntensity
Mini-MinorsTueApr 215:00 PM Field 2StormFury
RookiesTueApr 215:00 PM Field 3Base InvadersSandlot Queens
Big LeagueTueApr 217:00 PM Field 1SoCal PrideGamerz
Mini-MinorsTueApr 217:00 PM Field 2Bomb SquadSavage
RookiesTueApr 217:00 PM Field 3Bomb SquadDiamond Girls
T-BallWedApr 225:00 PM Field 4Lady BombersPurple Pandas
Big LeagueWedApr 225:00 PM Field 1Queen BeesLegends
Mini-MinorsWedApr 225:00 PM Field 2CrushersRebels
Mini-MinorsWedApr 225:00 PM Field 3Tidal WaveDirt Divas
Super SixersWedApr 226:15 PM Field 4Blue WaveFearless
Big LeagueWedApr 227:00 PM Field 1RiptideWicked
Big LeagueWedApr 227:00 PM Field 2StormStormbreakers
Mini-MinorsWedApr 227:00 PM Field 3LegendsTeam Xtreme
T-BallThuApr 235:00 PM Field 4Pink UnicornsYellow Jackets
Big LeagueThuApr 235:00 PM Field 1MagicFearless
Mini-MinorsThuApr 235:00 PM Field 2VenomHit Squad
RookiesThuApr 235:00 PM Field 3We Got The RunsPink Diamonds
Super SixersThuApr 236:15 PM Field 4RebelsFlying Tigers
Big LeagueThuApr 237:00 PM Field 1SnipersHome Girls
Mini-MinorsThuApr 237:00 PM Field 2Saved By The BallsBruins
RookiesThuApr 237:00 PM Field 3CutiesLady Bombers
Mini-MinorsSatApr 259:00 AM CVC EastSavageHit Squad
RookiesSatApr 259:00 AM CVC WestBase InvadersPanthers
Big LeagueSatApr 259:00 AM Field 1StormbreakersQueen Bees
Big LeagueSatApr 259:00 AM Field 2LegendsIntensity
RookiesSatApr 259:00 AM Field 3We Got The RunsStingers
Super SixersSatApr 259:00 AM Field 4BattitudeVenom
Super SixersSatApr 2510:15 AM Field 4FearlessBlue Wave
Mini-MinorsSatApr 2511:00 AM CVC EastBruinsTidal Wave
RookiesSatApr 2511:00 AM CVC WestBomb SquadCuties
Big LeagueSatApr 2511:00 AM Field 1SoCal PrideRiptide
Mini-MinorsSatApr 2511:00 AM Field 2LegendsSaved By The Balls
RookiesSatApr 2511:00 AM Field 3Lady BombersPink Diamonds
Super SixersSatApr 2511:30 AM Field 4Flying TigersRebels
T-BallSatApr 2512:45 PM Field 4Dirt DivasLil Warriors
Mini-MinorsSatApr 251:00 PM CVC EastFuryTeam Xtreme
RookiesSatApr 251:00 PM CVC WestTurf QueensChaos
Big LeagueSatApr 251:00 PM Field 1GamerzFlash
Big LeagueSatApr 251:00 PM Field 2FearlessHome Girls
RookiesSatApr 251:00 PM Field 3Sandlot QueensDiamond Girls
T-BallSatApr 252:00 PM Field 4Yellow JacketsPink Unicorns
Mini-MinorsSatApr 253:00 PM CVC EastStormBomb Squad
Mini-MinorsSatApr 253:00 PM CVC WestVenomRebels
Big LeagueSatApr 253:00 PM Field 1SnipersWicked
Big LeagueSatApr 253:00 PM Field 2StormMagic
Mini-MinorsSatApr 253:00 PM Field 3Dirt DivasCrushers
T-BallSatApr 253:15 PM Field 4Purple PandasLady Bombers