League Volunteers

A USA Softball background check is required for any person, other than the players, that will participate in Bonita Valley Girls USA Softball on-field activities. This is not just for games but for any on-field league or team activity, including practice, no matter where it is being held. This is especially needed for all Team Managers, Coaches, Team Moms and Parent volunteers.

Volunteering your time, and sharing your softball abilities through coaching and other teaching methods is a great way to support your children and your community. Bonita Valley Girls USA Softball is affiliated with the USA Softball which requires a background check on all league volunteers. To become a volunteer, please complete our process:

Step 1:

Register online. Follow the "Login/Register" link on the left of any web page and select the "Register to Volunteer" link. Complete the on-line application. You can pay the **$10.00 Background Check fee online or select cash and pay it at a Registration on-site event.

Step 2:

Fill Out, Sign and PRINT OUT the USA Softball Background Check form. This form is available here and at a Registration on-site event.

Step 3:

Bring the completed and signed USA Softball Background Check form, your Drivers License (we will make a copy to submit to the USA Softball with your form), and your **$10.00 processing fee (if you didn't pay on-line) to an on-site registration event.
*Note:  During the season, these items should be turned in to your Team Manager.

**Note: The actual cost for an USA Softball Background Check is $21.00. The league pays the remaining $11.00 balance.

Item #1:  Log In to Register as a Volunteer
Item #2:  USA Softball Volunteer Background Check Form
Item #3:  Copy of your Drivers License (we can make copies at the drop-offs, during the regular season, please print a copy)

Thank you for Volunteering!  Your efforts make a BIG difference!