Saved By The Balls
Division: Mini-Minors
Manager: D. Cooper
Coach: T. Godette
Total Players: 11

2020 Saved By The Balls Game Schedule | Total Games: 17

Legend: Yellow = Rescheduled Games; Green Row = Games Cancelled (No makeup game); Red = Pitch Count Violations/Game Forfeit

Mini-MinorsSatFeb 155:00 PM Field 2Hit Squad7Saved By The Balls15
Mini-MinorsThuFeb 205:00 PM Field 2Saved By The Balls9Bomb Squad8
Mini-MinorsTueFeb 257:00 PM Field 3Saved By The Balls10Savage2
Mini-MinorsSatFeb 291:00 PM Field 3Crushers6Saved By The Balls14
Mini-MinorsWedMar 45:00 PM Field 2Bomb Squad3Saved By The Balls8
Mini-MinorsSatMar 73:00 PM CVC EastTeam Xtreme7Saved By The Balls8
Mini-MinorsThuMar 197:00 PM Field 2Tidal WaveSaved By The Balls
Mini-MinorsSatMar 213:00 PM CVC EastSaved By The BallsFury
Mini-MinorsThuMar 267:00 PM Field 2StormSaved By The Balls
Mini-MinorsSatMar 283:00 PM Field 2Saved By The BallsDirt Divas
Mini-MinorsTueApr 77:00 PM Field 2Saved By The BallsHit Squad
Mini-MinorsSatApr 111:00 PM Field 2Saved By The BallsTidal Wave
Mini-MinorsThuApr 165:00 PM Field 2Saved By The BallsRebels
Mini-MinorsSatApr 183:00 PM Field 3SavageSaved By The Balls
Mini-MinorsSunApr 193:00 PM Field 2VenomSaved By The Balls
Mini-MinorsThuApr 237:00 PM Field 2Saved By The BallsBruins
Mini-MinorsSatApr 2511:00 AM Field 2LegendsSaved By The Balls

2020 Saved By The Balls Snackbar Schedule

DivisionDayDateTimeTeamManagerSnackbar Lead
Mini-MinorsSatApr 1811:15AM – 2:15PMSaved By The BallsD. CooperDarlene