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2020 North San Diego Select Tournament

North San Diego 2nd Annual Thinking About Spring Select Tournament – February 23 & March 1 The following teams are ...
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2020 SSD Winter Select Tournament

Southern San Diego (SSD) Winter Select Tournament – January 25 & 26, 2020 SSD Winter Select Tournament Results Congratulations to ...
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USA Softball of Southern California Select Guidelines

The Select Program was established to provide an additional opportunity for players who wish to improve their softball skills beyond the regular league season but who have not yet reached the Junior Olympic “A” Classification skill level. This program is for 10U through 14U players who wish to improve their softball skills and thereby benefit themselves as well as their league. The Select Program will be in effect January 1 through March 31 of the current season. 

USA Softball has implemented guidelines for all leagues to follow and must adhere to during the select season.  For more information please refer to the 2019 USA Softball Yellow Book on the rules and regulations for Select and about other aspects of what a recreational league must adhere to.

Approved select team and rosters @ Bonita Valley Softball

Team:  Sun Devils Baca 
Division:  10U
Manager: Kurt Baca
Confirmed: 1/23/2020
* Charlotte B.
* Athena F.
* Ari L.
* Anissa O. 
* Kassie R.
* Leilani C.
* Cenzie C. 
* Nikayla F.
* Melina C.
* Pressley V.
* Mia C.
* Alaina L.
Team:  Sun Devils Contreras 
Division:  10U
Manager: Ricardo Contreras
Confirmed: 1/20/2020
* Savanna B.
* Sophia C.
* Zoe F.
* Serenity H.
* Ilma J.
* Alexih L.
* Fernanda L.
* Sofia L.
* Leah M.
* Anissa R.
* Layla S.
* Amarissa S.
Team:  Sun Devils Larios 
Division:  10U
Manager: John Larios
Confirmed: 1/17/2020
* Arianna L.
* Isabella Z.
* Darrian C.
* Lia H.
* Alex P.
* Layla H.
* Daryian W.
* Sienna L.
* Zoey G.
* Avah G.

Team:  Sun Devils Diego 
Division:  12U
Manager: Jandi Diego-Superales
Confirmed: 1/20/2020
* Kaili B.
* Julianna S.
* Arrianna R.
* Anabelle G.
* Alyana Z.
* Ysania R.
* Isabella H.
* Brooklyn B.
* Ellie R.
* Kalina S.
* Samantha B.
* Leiani W.

:  Sun Devils Garcia 
Division:  12U
Manager: Johnny Garcia
Confirmed: 1/20/2020
* Noelle K.
* Luca G.
* Anaissa D.
* Kaylah F.
* Kaileya M.
* Jiselle G.
* Kylie R.
* Analiyah R.
* Jacqueline D.
* Alyssandra S.
* Brinyxcia B.
* Scralett M.
Team:  Sun Devils Phillips 
Division:  12U
Manager: Joshua Phillips
Confirmed: 1/17/2020
* Kailynn R.
* Ariele T.
* Danica A.
* Kaylin P.
* Kylah W.
* Ryan P.
* Tatyana M.
* Daniela F.
* Gianna F.
* Brianna A.
* Jaelene J.


Team:  Sun Devils Johnson 
Division:  14U
Manager: Jeff Johnson
Confirmed: 1/27/2020
* Kendall J.
* Madeline C.
* Sanaia W.
* Carolina V.
* Vinessa G.
* Ariana C.
* Jaelyn M.
* Aliyah Z.
* Avelynah P..
* Natalia H.
* Isabella H.