2020 BV All-Stars Registration

All-Star candidates must register online between June 3-10, 2020. 

Please review the 2020 Bonita Valley Softball All-Stars information below.


As we continue to work through the effects of COVID-19 global pandemic, and do our part to return some routine, Bonita Valley Girls Softball will not be conducting All-Star tryouts at Discovery Park this season.

 BV will allow for recommendations from regular season managers to submit player feedback on June 15-16, 2020. Then, Selected All-Star managers will be able to establish teams for Gold, Silver and Bronze (maximum 3 teams in each division up to 12 players per team due to the safety restrictions set forth by the CDC and State regulations.) Players who are not selected for a Gold team may be eligible and considered for a Silver or Bronze team based on players registered. Players who decline a team are not eligible to be rostered to another team.

2020 All-Star Eligibility and Participation Rules

1. Teams shall not have any players who have participated on a travel-type team after March 31, 2020. “Participation” includes a try-out, practice, practice game, scheduled game, or tournament.

2. A player must have participated in at least 75% of their Bonita Valley Recreation team games. Participation will be validated by team managers, utilizing game scorebooks.

3. Players and parents must be in good standing with Bonita Valley Softball League.

4. USA Softball and All-Star division age eligibility cut-off date is January 1, 2020.

If your daughter has been participating on any other team(s) after January 31, 2020, please be advised that this may affect whether your daughter is eligible to make a team.

Bonita Valley All-Star Policy

– All-Star managers are chosen by the All-Star Selection Committee.

– Any player meeting the eligibility and participation rules may be nominated for an All-Star team. Players can only be nominated for one age division. A player may choose to try-out for a higher age division if your player was assessed up during regular season, however, if they are not chosen for that age division, they cannot play in another age division. The decision to try-out for an age division is final. All-Star teams are chosen by the All-Star manager for the particular age division and are subject to final approval by the Bonita Valley Executive Board. 
** Player selection to an All-Star team does not guarantee playing time. Playing time and assignment of positions is at the discretion of the All-Star manager**


All-Star managers, players and parents will be representing Bonita Valley Girls softball as well as the communities of Chula Vista and Bonita. All actions should reflect integrity and respect. Any misrepresentation or misconduct will be brought to the Bonita Valley Executive Board and appropriate action will be taken.       Severe or repeated misconduct may lead to removal of the manager and or player from the team. Misconduct by a parent could also result in removal of that parents’ child from the All-Star program. The Bonita Valley Executive Board will determine all actions.


Each year Bonita Valley spends over $10,000 in support of its All-Star teams. Please be aware that each All-Star Manager will require an additional payment per player to help fund team start-up costs and tournament fees not paid for by the league. Due to a modified season this year, this amount will be approximately $300-500.       The funds will be due immediately upon acceptance. The amount requested is left to the discretion of each team manager and is not governed by the league. ALL players that make an All-Star team are required to pay this start-up cost (including Managers and Coaches kids), there are no scholarships available to off-set this expense. Parents can also expect to incur additional expenses such as the cost of travel, lodging, and food for tournaments as well as additional uniform items and equipment agreed to by the All-Star Team Manager and parents. Coaches will be required to provide you an accounting of your team’s expenses.       Individual teams will pay for tournaments and all other costs incurred by the team.

Parent Participation

All players (and their parents) chosen for All-Stars are REQUIRED to participate in fundraising. Specific fundraising activities will be up to the individual teams.

Silver & Bronze Teams

Any player who is nominated and is NOT selected for a Gold team, will be eligible for the Silver or Bronze team at the same age level. A player chosen for the Gold All-Star team CANNOT decline in order to be considered for the Silver or Bronze team.

Please answer the questions at the link below;

“Participated”, below, is defined as a player or team taking part in a tryout, practice, practice game, scheduled game, or tournament.